How to Dye Your Hair at Home

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While it’s possible to dye your hair at home, it’s not always easy. The trick is to dye your hair the way you dream it should be without goofing up.

A bad hair dye could ruin your day!

How to Color Your Complete Hair

Drastically changing your original hair color into a completely different color requires skill.

Let’s look at the techniques involved with obtaining a great complete hair dye.

Whether you plan on becoming a Marilyn Monroe blonde or pixie dust pink, always obey the most important rule:

Follow the dye box directions.

Read the entire box and enclosed instructions. Too many women fail to do this resulting in running to a hair salon to undo the error and do it correctly.

If this happens, Call Us at (703) 481 – 6245

Bear in mind, simple box instructions do not cover all type of hair.

Your first potential mistake occurs when you shop for a new hair color. Pay attention to the “before” shade on the box labels. Make sure that the starter color matches yours.

The following steps should help you with your venture:

Step 1: For two days before, don’t wash your hair. Sure, it looks bad and probably itches, but you must not wash for at least 48 hours before dying. The reason involves allowing your scalp’s natural oils to build up to prevent irritation. Also, super sensitive skin requires a packet of Sweet-N-Low in the dye to stop the ammonia drying effects.

Step 2: Experiment with a strand test on a small part of your hair before dying. This helps with timing. Although hair dye boxes recommend a certain length of time, it can’t take into account how your hair differs from others. Finer the hair texture, the faster it lightens. Sometimes, you need up to 10 minutes less than what the instructions claim. Coarse hair may need more time than the instructions. See how simple box instructions may miss the mark?

Step 3: Follow the box instructions after rereading them several times.

Step 4: When dying your entire head apply the dye a half-inch from the scalp. Then work it towards the ends. The reason? The heat from your scalp makes colors develop faster at the root. Cover your roots halfway during the treatment time. While applying the dye use a professional hair coloring brush for better results.

Viola! Your hair should look perfect.

If not, Call Us at (703) 481 - 6245 for an emergency appointment.

How to Highlight Your Hair

Want that sun-kissed look?

The trick requires choosing a kit only a shade lighter than your color. Here’s the steps showing how to highlight your hair:

Step 1: Carefully read the instructions. Do your strand test as explained above. Style, blow-dry, and part your hair like you always do.

Step 2: A slight exception to following the instructions. Don’t pull out random strands. Instead, start at the front and work back towards your crown. Separate ten pieces a quarter inch wide and a quarter inch apart. Don’t evenly space them. Asymmetrical highlights look more natural.

Step 3: Using a toothbrush (better than the kit’s brush) with the solution apply from the roots to the ends. Use cotton to prevent color bleeding by propping each piece away from the head.

Step 4: Follow the instructions for the time to let the dye set. If unsure, rinse one piece 5 minutes early to see the color. Wash and use a clear gloss treatment to finish sealing the color to increase shine.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde

Know this, dying your hair more than one or two shades lighter at home becomes risky.

Especially if you plan on a dramatic change in color where you risk serious hair damage. In such an event, go to a professional hairstylist. Like Us.

On the other hand, if you already possess natural blonde hair and wish for a little lighter shade, the risks lessen.  

Warning: Black hair ravens, redheads, and brunettes: Call Us at (703) 481 - 6245 for an appointment. Or, Contact Us to ask questions.

Here’s How to Dye Your Hair Blonde

Step 1: Complete the first 3 steps in the “How to Color Your Complete Hair” section above. Then, start with the back of the head and work forward applying the solution and keep it an inch from the roots. Massage the color into every strand.

Step 2: Wait 20 to 30 minutes. However, you must check every 5 to 10 minutes to see the progress. Don’t be afraid when seeing a slightly red color because exposed hair evolves in phases as it lightens.

Step 3: Wait 30 minutes, then put the remaining solution into the roots. Wait another 10 minutes for slightly lighter or 30 minutes for even lighter blonde.

Step 4: Test a strand by rinsing it above the ear gently pulling it. If it breaks, immediately rinse all your hair and follow up with a protein mask. If a golden tint appears, let the dye remain for 10 more minutes. When satisfied with the color, complete the process by rinsing with warm water then shampooing and conditioning your hair.

If you are not happy with the results: Call Us at (703) 481 - 6245 for an emergency appointment.

How to Fix Your Wrong New Hair Color

Don’t worry! Try these fixes to improve every color error. You need to get a conditioning mask, clarifying shampoo, and a few kitchen items.

If your hair is too light

If it’s too pale, you need more dye. Use the next darker shade than the one you used. Only apply it to the areas you think too pale. Let it sit half the time the instructions call for. Keep checking so it doesn’t make it too dark. If that doesn’t work, Call Us at (703) 481 - 6245 for an emergency appointment.

If your hair too dark

Wash it right away. If it’s way too dark, try a tablespoon of baking soda (acts like a mild soap) with a clarifying shampoo. Wait for 5 minutes. Immediately apply your normal shampoo.

If your hair too brassy

Too brassy requires toning down your hair tint. If you used a permanent dye, touch the orangey spots with a shade two tones darker than the one you used. If you used a semi-permanent dye, use a lavender-hued shampoo for a few days.

If your hair turned green

Wash the tint out with a clarifying shampoo. Or, immediately use a deep treatment mask. If these don’t help, use ketchup to rinse your hair. The red color counteracts the green along with the ketchup’s acidity neutralizes the reaction. Exposure to chlorine (like from a swimming pool or hot tub) requires these same treatments.

If none of these fixes work: Call Us at (703) 481 - 6245 for an emergency appointment.


As you read, coloring and highlighting your hair can be tricky. Mistakes happen needing immediate fixing by a professional hairstylist if unable to fix them yourself.

Contact Us for a hassle-free professional hairstyle done the way you like it.

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