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Many people think nail repairs involves a simple procedure or only one technique. In reality, different types of nails require different types of nail repairs. In addition, many fixes required for broken, damaged, and split nails.

Nail technicians use many trade tricks to apply seamless repairs turning broken nails into beautiful ones. Check out these different types of nail repairs used by today’s nail technician:

Natural Nail Repairs

Inserting a small piece of cotton into the nail’s crack and applying nail glue over the cotton. Then, spray glue dryer for setting the nail and buff the nail until it becomes smooth.

Gel Nail Repairs

Making repairs on gel nails is straightforward. Repairing a tear on the edge of a nail requires filing the top layer of the last gel filler nearest to the break. It’s very important to avoid the natural nail. Priming the nail and applying a small bit of clear gel along the break, then curing the nail, and finally applying gel polish as a top coat.

Acrylic Nail Repairs

Repairing acrylic nails are easier than soaking the nail off and starting over.

If the acrylic is cracked without cracking the natural nail requires removing the acrylic near the crack and filing down the rest of the nail. Then, prep the exposed nail and fill in the area. Cutting the nail to the break and putting a form under it allows extending it again.

A low crack also affecting the natural nail requires peeling off the acrylic and cleaning the crack with disinfectant and covering it with a thin layer of acrylic.

A crack below the nail’s free edge involving the natural nail requires removing the product and applying a new nail. If the natural nail is bleeding or infected, waiting until the nail grows out and then applying fresh product solves the problem.

How to Repair Nails

Most times, nail repairing requires using silk patches/wraps or fiberglass. The following explains the steps for repairing the break with a wrap:

1. Assessing the damage: Any signs of finger irritation or nail infection requires medical treatment and not nail repairs. Let the doctor heal the infection. On the other hand, if the damage is only a short distance from the free edge, it’s easier to file down the other nails to match the same length.

2. Buffing the nail: Using a nail file, buff the nail to make it “rougher” so the silk patch or fiberglass adheres better.

3. Spraying the nail: Use rubbing alcohol spray to remove nail dust created by the filing.

4. Cutting and applying a piece of silk cloth or fiberglass: Applying a small piece over the cracked nail area without touching the skin is required. Most patches/wraps are adhesive ensuring a precise repair.

5. Applying nail glue: Soaking the fiberglass piece with nail glue and drying it fast with a glue dryer works best.

6. Smoothing the nail: When the nail dries, use a block buffer smoothing the repaired area. Do not over buff which wears away the fiberglass patch.

7. Apply a top coat or polish.   

Tools and Nail Repair Products

Nail technicians need the following tools and products to perform painless nail repairs:

  • Adhesive fiberglass/silk wraps: Many technicians prefer one over the other while working with wraps.
  • Nail glue/brush-on resin: Nail glue resembles a very thick super glue which dries fast when applied.
  • Glue dry: To speed up the process, use a spray bottle glue dry. Why wait 5 to 10 minutes for the nail glue to dry when spraying glue dry works in just a few seconds?
  • Nail block buffer: A quality nail buffer allows you to buff the wrap until smooth enough to apply a coat of polish.
  • Files: Different file grits (180, 240, and 400) allows you to file down splits and cracks quickly.

Don’t Do It At Home Unless...

As you read, proper nail repairs require the right tools, products, and experience in assessing the problem and performing the repairs.

So, don’t try to make these repairs at home unless you invest in the right tools and products. Even then, lack of experience leads to errors you don’t want on your nails.

At Ellada Studio, we only hire experienced nail technicians and use quality tools and products for our nail repair services.

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