Paraffin Add On in Reston, VA

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What is Paraffin?

Paraffin is a white or colorless wax in either soft or solid form. Paraffin wax made from saturated hydrocarbons.

Popular as a skin softening treatment in spas and salons. In addition, it’s used for pain relief of sore muscles and joints.

Paraffin Wax Benefits

According to Healthline, paraffin wax provides the following benefits:

Therapeutic Benefits

Paraffin wax helps to relieve pain in the hands. People with:

Rheumatoid arthritis;


Fibromyalgia; and

Joint mobility problems.

Paraffin wax provides heat therapy increasing blood flow, relaxes muscles, and decreasing stiff joints. It also minimizes inflammation and muscle spasms. Plus, it is often used to treat sprains.

Cosmetic Benefits

Hands and feet become soft and supple because paraffin wax is a “natural emollient”. Application to the skin adds moisture and boosts the levels of moisture in the skin after treatment.

In addition, it opens pores and removes dead skin cells. It helps the skin look fresh and feels smoother.

Paraffin Dips Benefits

Paraffin dips provide an effective solution for dry hands and cuticles.

It requires using a paraffin heating unit and wax. A moisturizing lotion and a plastic wrap with thermal mitts completes the tools for treatment.

The results amaze our clients experiencing dry hands. The summer and winter months aggravate dry skin.

Just put your hands into our thermal mitts for either a “Winter Break” or “Summer Soft” hands.

Imagine that in just 10 minutes your dry hands become soft again.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

When Not to Receive a Paraffin Treatment

Ellada Studio wants you to experience the best that a Paraffin treatment offers. But, there are certain conditions when paraffin is not recommended.

The following conditions require not receiving a paraffin treatment:

  • Irritated skin or you have a skin problem like eczema, psoriasis, warts, or cuts.
  • If you have diabetes which causes circulation problems and increases susceptibility to infections.
  • Your doctor diagnosed poor circulation. Such a condition should never come into contact with paraffin which may burn the skin. Good circulation takes the heat away from the hands. Poor circulation causes an inability to disperse heat allowing the skin to burn.

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