The Benefits of a Casmara Mask in Reston, VA

Ellada Studio offers a Casmara Mask facial treatment.

The Casmara Mask is an algae peel-off facial mask.

A high tech cosmetic made from seaweed extracts providing a powerful skin hydrating effect. Also, contains diverse active ingredients unique for each type of mask depending upon your skin.

Our Algae Peel-Off Facial (Casmara) Mask sets on your skin with just a little light and pleasant pressure over the areas we apply. Its active ingredients penetrate your facial skin under the mask.

Unlike other inferior products, we can apply this mask over your eyes and lips reaching areas other products can’t reach. That’s an advantage because our mask treatment reaches areas neglected by other masks. Our face mask provides a drainage effect to reduce dark circles and puffiness as well as toning and firming your skin.

Benefits of Our Casmara Mask

Detoxifies and Moisturizes

Our mask contains a balanced mixture of marine algae extracts and diatoms for improved facial muscle toning and hydration urged on by its fantastic cold effect.

Tightens Your Skin

Our Casmara Mask also helps to tighten your skin. In essence, it revitalizes your facial skin.

What Other Spas Say about Casmara Face Mask

Some spas call the Casmara Laboratory which developed this mask a technology breakthrough. For instance, one spa in Ontario, Canada describes this as:

“High-technology cosmetics which will renew your skin smoothing wrinkles and expression lines. Skin visibly younger.

“Botox effect” without injections, without side effects. Wrinkle filler and treatment to erase imperfections.” Source

Even this spa in Japan raves about the Casmara Facial Mask:

“Naturally promote skin elasticity and protect cell membranes, thereby warding off wrinkles and other ageing marks. Formulated with sea water and seaweed extracts, the nourishing cream is ideal for dry and deeply undernourished skin. Stimulate cellular activity of your skin at an extraordinary level with the natural ingredients enriched Casmara Facial.” Source

Casmara Mask Customer Reviews

Amazon recommends a Casmara Face Mask treatment twice a month.

In addition, Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 Stars (out of 5) by 85% of its reviews.

However, it appears the online home kits don’t include instructions!

One reviewer at first rated this mask 4 Stars based on a problem many shoppers find with buying Casmara Face Masks online and from beauty supply stores. The problem is a lack of instructions on how to use this product and for how long. Look at what this reviewer wrote as her comments:

“Awesome!! The reason that I am giving only 4 stars is because there is absolutely no instructions provided with this product. How do mix, for how long the product should be applied, how frequently etc.Source

Another Amazon reviewer rated this product 5 Stars and commented:

“I do find that it is very hydrating, firming, pore-shrinking, soothing, easy to take off, and provides a nice glow afterwards... My only issue was the lack of instructions.Source

A Cornish, England mom whose popular blog “A Cornish Mum” reviewed the Casmara Algae Peel-Off Mask.  Here’s what she wrote:

“I really liked the mask and I’d definitely use another one again next time my skin needs a bit of a detox. When you first open it, it does look complicated with the amount of things of separate parts.” Source


While Casmara Mask kits can be bought online, they don’t come with directions.

What good is a product that doesn’t tell you how to use it?

Avoid mistakes and problems by trying to do it yourself.

Call Us for a problem free Casmara Mask treatment for only $25.

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