"We measure success
by making our clients beautiful and giving
joy to their lives"

success by
making our
and giving
joy to
their lives"

We carried that spirit into our beauty studio and spa located here in beautiful Reston. That’s why you find a friendly, warm environment here. Like a home away from your home. We strive to make you feel as a guest, not a customer. That’s why knowing your name and who you are is so important to us.

We discovered that loyalty,
respect, duty, and perseverance contribute towards feeling comfortable and safe. We carried these values throughout our lives.

As our popularity grew, we needed to hire beauty professionals. While their skills and education in the beauty profession count, we looked for more. We needed skilled professionals who duplicate our warm friendly persona. Careful screening and interviews allowed us to focus on a staff embracing our family values.

Professional Services with a Personal Touch in Reston, VA

We feel our beauty professionals care about our clients. They pamper while providing a truly luxury salon experience.   Seeing our clients booked for repeated standing appointments tells us they are happy with our work which makes us proud. Our personal attention assures that our clients enjoy the look we create which works for them and their lifestyle. We want our clients to feel confident and comfortable with all of us.

Be part
of our family

Unlike a typical booth renting salon, our professional beauty specialists feel at home here just like we want our clients to feel. We want our clients to experience the family atmosphere we created here and to become part of our family.

We strive to make our clients look and feel beautiful while enjoying the family atmosphere we built here.